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"Fuzz Nut"

Owned and Driven By Gary & Karen Spitler

annual competitors at Gravelrama. Members

of "Snibitch Bros Racing Team" 

Owosso, Michigan


Many Jeep owners know happiness as driving down the road on a beautiful day with

the top off and a pleasant breeze in your face.  Or it could be getting over

that one big obstacle in the woods.   Yes it is that.  But it is much more than that.



Happiness? It is an illusion to think that more comfort means more happiness. Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.

 Storm Jameson


What Is This Site About? 

As this page progresses it will center around off roading.  This can be anything from racing to trail riding to building a rig. Other plans include forums for tech tips, parts for sale/wanted and general comments.  The intent is for Jeepers like you to help other Jeepers build, repair, or modify their rigs as easily as possible.  That is were this site becomes interactive with you. Any ideas for this page will always be welcome and taken into consideration.  Of course I have to leave some room for the family to have their fifteen minutes of fame, but I won't let that keep the Jeeps out.

Did you build a nice rig but have nowhere to show it off?  Do it here.  If you can get some good pix scanned, do a write up about it and e-mail it to this site, I will do my best to post it here.  Of course space will have to be limited and I'm not going to do the write up, but I will do the necessary formatting and layout.  This can be as simple as the write up above or you may want to show a technique you incorporated in your build-up using a couple of photos.  Forget about a bunch of pages to one person, I won't give away that much space.  But a page here and there will be offered if the write up is worth reading by others.  

Get busy and figure out what you want to say and what photo you want posted.  Remember,  since this will be free, a lot of this will be limited to my time available (I like to ride and I have a real job, so I won't be on this computer all the time).

Are you a race fan?  Check out the links to Gravelrama, Americas premier 4X4 off-road racing event.  Want to check out some well built and fast four wheelers?  Yep, you can find those here too.  They are built just like your everyday asphalt machine with one difference, they run on sand.  Now of course you don't think just us big kids get a kick out of this sport do you?  Heck no!  Take a browse to look at those Junior Racers.  They are the up & coming stars of the off road racing world.  Give 'em a look see.  You can bet the farm they will be behind the wheel of a big machine as soon as they reach legal age.

Of course all these crazy ideas will take some time, but hopefully it will get there.  Keep checking in and don't forget, we are open to suggestions.

The Jeep name is the most common one spoken in off roading. 

By far no other vehicle in this class  has the name recognition as Jeep.

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